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2022 Studio Closures

We are closed the weeks of:
• April 10th - April 16th
• November 20th - November 26th 2022
• December 18th - December 31st, 2022

Summer Closures:

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Warm Up Videos

We are always adding to our at-home resources, designed for students to access between lessons.

Level 1 Vocal Warm Ups • Vocal Warm Ups for Kids, Ages 5 - 14
Warm up and grow your voice the right way! These vocal warm ups are intended for child beginners, ages 5-14, who are new to singing. These exercises will gently warm up your voice, while also developing / strengthening: • intonation • upper range / head voice • lower range / chest voice • 

Level 2 Vocal Warm Ups • Vocal Warm Ups for Kids Ages 6-14, Adults With High Voice
Grow and develop your voice the healthy way! These warm ups are meant for kids with an unchanged voice or adults (high voice) who have mastered Level one warm ups.

Two Minute Music Lessons

A video series for children aged 2-6.

Long and Short Sounds

Major Scale & Solfege Hand Signs

Blog Posts

Practice Tips
Charlotte Littlehales 1-10-2020

Discover Charlotte's 4 tips to practice effectively, including a tip for parents on how to support your child in their musical endeavors.

5 Reasons Your Child Needs A Music Education
Charlotte Littlehales 11-8-2019

Music education is more than having fun or pursuing a dream.

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